Shortlisted for IDI Award

Posted on November 7, 2013

Wall Fungus
Shortlisted for an IDI Award 2013

Come and see the lamp at the IDI Exhibition at the NCAD Gallery from 7th November until 22nd November.

Wall Fungus is a nodular wall lighting feature. Its hemispherical shaped, three dimensional units interplay with each other to form an organic architectural structure. Wall Fungus divides and spreads light fluidly through and along its surface, creating both dynamic shadows and a warm radiating glow. The system can grow with additional nodules to any size and to suit any space; it can exist as a two piece ambient feature light or grow to become a large scale installation.

At its core, Wall Fungus is design and developed to use new technologies. It is fabricated from 3D printed Nylon to form the basic nodules. The nodes are shade and lighting fixing in one, which makes the assembly most efficient. Its light source consists of a 1W LED powered by a transformer, housed discreetly at the base of the cables.

Wall Fungus is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly product utilising futuristic and clean manufacturing processes.

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